Qatar VS Senegal in a Death Match World Cup 2022


Qatar VS Senegal in a Death Match World Cup 2022 – Host Qatar will face Senegal in the second match of Group A of the 2022 World Cup, Friday (25/11).

The following is the prediction for Qatar vs Senegal, the editorial version of catconla here but also based on analysts.

Qatar VS Senegal in a Death Match World Cup 2022

Qatar marked its debut at the World Cup 2022 with a negative result. Felix Sanchez’s squad appeared nervous in the opening match and had to suffer a 0-2 defeat to Ecuador.

Senegal also lost 0-2 in their first match. But the opponent faced is the European giants, the Netherlands.

Senegal had overwhelmed the Netherlands before finally the Oranje managed to score two goals in the final minutes of the second half.

Prediction for Qatar vs Senegal in the 2022 World Cup

Both Qatar and Senegal did not want to lose again in the second match. This is because one subsequent defeat could knock one of the teams out of the 2022 World Cup.

Senegal Eliminates Qatar (Analyst 1)

Senegal’s appearance against the Netherlands odds was actually quite good. They are able to play aggressively in building attack and solid in defense. However, two big mistakes in the last minute were disastrous for the Lions of Teranga.

Qatar showed themselves as a team that was not ready to perform at the 2022 World Cup. Apart from being nervous, they also did not have a figure who could be a differentiator on the field so they lost 0-2 to Ecuador.

I predict Aliou Cisse’s squad will dominate the game from the start and be able to win matches with a minimum score of 2-0. This result will make Qatar eliminated early.

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Senegal Makes Qatar Go Home Fastest (Analyst 2)

Despite losing to the Netherlands in the first party, Senegal showed a solid game. Only a matter of focus and stamina is a concern.

If he is able to correct the shortcomings of the first match, Kalidou Koulibaly has the opportunity to gain full points and make the host the first team to be eliminated from the World Cup Qatar.

I predict Senegal will win this match with a convincing score, 2-0.

Qatar Eliminated (Analyst 3)

Senegal deserves to be the favorite in this fight. Despite losing 0-2 to the Netherlands in the first match, Senegal was practically unlucky in the first match.

Qatar, on the other hand, did not seem fit to play in the World Cup 2022. In Qatar’s first match, it was like the team lost direction and stage fright when they were defeated by Ecuador.

I predict Senegal will win 3-0 over Qatar.

Senegal Wins Big, Qatar Lifts the Case (Analyst 4)

Senegal has a big chance of winning its first win at the 2022 World Cup against hosts Qatar. Senegal performed well against the Netherlands in the first game.

However, carelessness at the back in the final minutes prevented Senegal from getting any points. The defeat by the Netherlands will be an important lesson for Senegal.

I predict Senegal Odds will not change the way they play much. Attacking from both sides will be Senegal’s mainstay. Senegal was able to win 3-0 over Qatar, as well as knock Qatar out.

Senegal Mutes Qatar (Analyst 5)

Senegal was actually able to provide fierce resistance to the Netherlands in the first match. However, carelessness at the end of the game made them have to bite their fingers.

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In the second match, Senegal must not repeat the mistake. They will dominate the game and should use the opportunities they get more efficiently. Score 2-0 for Senegal.

Senegal and Qatar Win First Points (Analyst 6)

After the opening game, it’s hard to see the World Cup 2022 hosts going any further. Qatar must make big changes in a short time. The spirit of the host must be balanced with a neat game on the field.

The Lions of Teranga are also in an injured condition. When compared to Qatar’s defeat in the first match, Senegal has more chances to rise in the second party. Senegal must fix a few gaps in the defense.

I predict Qatar vs Senegal will end in a 1-1 draw

As you can see, all of our analyst are favoring Senegal to win based on the team composition and previous performance. But of course, anything can happen on the field. You can see insight onWorld cup news and of course all 32 world cup teams in our other articles.

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